The firm

Specialized in renovating existing buildings since 2006, with or without a new construction component. The interplay between experience, knowledge, and your desires inspires me to play with volumes, proportions, materials, light, and views… The firm intentionally remains small to be able to oversee and coordinate the entire process in detail, from concept to execution. This allows for ample room for direct communication and swift action. Our preference is to take on the coordinating role of ‘Master Builder’ in 2023.

Unique. Livable. Practical. Challenging. A ‘tailor-made suit.’ Consistent. Clean, sleek lines. Clear design. Client and designer: Intensive collaboration. Open dialogue. Timeless design. Honest, natural materials. Structural quality. Personal approach. Extensive design experience. Market knowledge. Responsibility. Trusted advisor. Ecological. Sustainable. Investment. Critical stance. Sharp eye.



Technical elaboration




Construction supervision

The creative process

Working within the constraints of existing buildings often presents different possibilities than new construction. That’s the challenge that excites us. By “using” these limitations, we often discover the most ingenious and surprising solutions. After analyzing the existing structure and determining the possibilities, we immediately start sketching. Various constraints and principles, such as budget, requirements, and the program, are already considered in this phase.

We always present a minimum of three sketch designs. Inspiration? We draw it from the existing building, the surroundings, the types of materials, the building’s purpose, or that first cup of morning coffee.

We believe in developing details from an overarching vision.

Sustainable construction

We place a high value on craftsmanship and proven quality. Our choice of materials is based on aesthetic preferences, quality standards, and sustainability. We explore natural materials with a low ecological footprint, such as wood, flax, hemp, clay, and straw. We stay updated on the latest developments in installation concepts and alternative energy sources. Wood construction is now an integral part of today’s design practice.

True sustainable construction goes beyond using natural materials or installing solar panels.