Integral design for a total concept

We design integrally in pursuit of aesthetic functionality. Integral design is a process where the environment, exterior, interior, installation techniques, as well as quality standards and maintenance aspects are monitored. We have extensive experience in bringing together all advising experts and executing parties.

Revaluation and validation of building and surroundings

Revaluation can only happen when the core values of a place or building are analyzed and documented. Preservation, for us, represents a sustainable approach to the built environment and is a fundamental principle of our designs. Sometimes, through well-thought-out interventions, or if necessary, more drastic measures like partial demolition or complete new construction are appropriate. Part of the vision is that new interventions can be readable and contemporary, creating an interesting interplay with the original ‘forms and values.’

Intensive collaboration in design and execution

An architectural design is born from the designer and user and is realized for the user. The wishes and demands of the end user are paramount in every project. Optimal results arise from intensive collaboration, not from a presented theoretical ideal. We develop a clear concept dynamically together.


Each project follows a structured method, from analysis to delivery:

  • Exploratory phase and orientation meeting
  • Preparation
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Technical design
  • Price and contract formation
  • Execution and delivery
The first step is to analyze the existing condition.
What is the current state of the building, what works, what is outdated, and what can be preserved? The surroundings, the street view, and regulations are also considered.
After analysis, we explore how to translate the wishes and requirements into design.
In the sketch phase (or design research), we work through different scale levels to maintain maximum control over the design.
We always present a minimum of 3 sketch designs.
The result of this phase is a preliminary design.
The appearance becomes clear, a rough cost estimate is established, and feasibility is assessed.

The next design phase is called the final design. Consultation with structural engineers and other potential parties intensifies to create a definitive picture of the project to be carried out. We delve into detailing and materialization to provide a comprehensive view of the design. Focus is placed on atmosphere, experience, and technology. Contacts with the architectural or heritage commission are intensified. Installation concepts are discussed and incorporated.

This is followed by the development of the technical design. We zoom in on technical and architectural details, further detailing the plan. If applicable to your project, a Technical Specification is created, describing the work extensively. General provisions such as planning, insurance, and warranty clauses are outlined, and of course, there is a comprehensive description of the design. An contractor can use this to prepare a thorough quote for you. The application for an Environmental Permit is handled.

The execution

With these documents in hand, we search for suitable execution partners. In consultation with you, a tender for potential executing parties is formulated. You can suggest parties yourself or leverage our network and market knowledge. We collaborate with these parties and assess their offers.

The added value of construction supervision by an independent advisor who also has all the previous knowledge of the design process is that quick action can be taken in the interest of the project. The result can be guided throughout the process.
Possibilities and difficulties are always tested against the highest standards.
In this phase, I oversee the execution, and if desired, I coordinate the construction activities.
We are the independent link representing you on the construction site, the liaison between you and the contractor.
Construction supervision can be tailored to different levels:

  • Aesthetic and administrative
  • Project management on a daily (execution) level
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